• Cyprus Science and Research Centre

    Cyprus Science and Research Centre

    A centre of excellence for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) education research, science communication and innovation will be established in Cyprus.
  • Our aim is to create the first interactive science centre in Cyprus

    Our aim is to create the first interactive science centre in Cyprus

    Providing education and research resources to the people of Cyprus and Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • Funded by the European Union

    Funded by the European Union

    The project (Phase I) has been funded by the European Union under the Horizon2020 “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation-Teaming”
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Project Objectives

• To build a modern Science Centre at the University of Cyprus Campus, based on a ground-breaking architectural design that will define the Centre as a landmark and a place of excellence for the public and tourists to visit.


• To become a Centre of Excellence in research that will attract, train and retain a critical mass of young researchers to generate interdisciplinary collaborative research on innovative systems, applications and installations for physical interactive learning and immersive environment based on Science Education and Science Communication principles and models.


• To provide a platform for visitors of all ages where interactive exhibits developed at the Centre will take the visitor for digital journeys of exploring the scientific challenges of the modern world and of the cultural heritage of Cyprus in an engaging and entertaining way thus promoting Cyprus science capacity.


• To communicate scientific evidence and interpretation of scientific facts to the public, through events (science research and innovation, public debates, scientific conferences) and other outreach activities and thus promote a Responsible Research and Innovation culture that will empower the public and the policy makers.



• To promote ICT use in education through provision of teacher professional development programs, training and use of innovative ICT tools for formal STEAM education and curricula development.



• To promote innovative business generation and Cyprus economic growth through provision of a platform to researchers, students and the public for designing, building and testing new ICT applications and prototypes of commercial value and world-wide impact.






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