• Cyprus Science and Research Centre

    Cyprus Science and Research Centre

    A centre of excellence for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) education research, science communication and innovation will be established in Cyprus.
  • Our aim is to create the first interactive science centre in Cyprus

    Our aim is to create the first interactive science centre in Cyprus

    Providing education and research resources to the people of Cyprus and Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • Funded by the European Union

    Funded by the European Union

    The project (Phase I) has been funded by the European Union under the Horizon2020 “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation-Teaming”
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The project team of the European-funded project “CSRC” (Cyprus Science & Research Centre) is inviting students from all Cypriot universities to participate in a logo competition for the new Science and Technology Centre, the first Centre of its kind in Cyprus. Following a very competitive process of the European Commission, all public and private universities of Cyprus have joined forces for the first time with the ultimate aim of developing this new Centre. The Centre aims to promote the learning and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (known as STEAM), through interactive tools and technologies. Cyprus is the only European country that does not have its own Science and Technology Centre yet. Moreover, the team intends to develop a Centre of Scientific Excellence in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean region, contributing to the enhancement of the research, scientific and entrepreneurial culture in relation to STEAM fields.


The new Science and Technology Centre will host a large number of interactive exhibits for the enhancement of knowledge in STEM, for both younger and older people. The visitors (children, young people, families, etc.) will be encouraged to actively participate in the activities organised, which will be fun and creative but educational and informative at the same time. Children will learn through play and they will come in contact with many important concepts of STEAM. To this end, school visits will be organised to new Centre and families with children will be able to visit the place. The Centre will also be of great interest to adults.

A few examples of existing European Science and Technology Centres are provided below:

During project implementation, one of the initial activities to be performed is the final selection of the name and logo for the new Centre. The name CSRC was used on a temporary basis, in order to meet the funding rules of the European Commission. Thus the project team has already developed a list with four (4) possible names for the new Centre. The interested participants should submit ideas for logos for one of the four (4) possible names of the new Centre:

  1. «epiSTEAMe» (this is the Greek word for “SCIENCE” and the word “STEAM” is included in it)
  2. «CSRC» (Cyprus Science and Research Centre)
  3. «ASTERIA» Science Centre (Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering in Research and Innovation for All)
  4. «COSMOS» Science Centre (from the Greek word Cosmos which means the “WORLD”)

Download PDF with all the details here

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